asteasier the new website

Asteasier website officially launched

Asteasier’s team is excited to welcome you to the new website, built from scratch to provide a meaningful and informative experience to our public and stakeholders.
Feel free to explore: deepen your knowledge of astaxanthin and acquacolture in the homepage, discover how Asteaser will impact the market in the solution section, get access to useful scientific and communication materials in the resources’ pages. Each section has been designed to offer a fast and impactful browsing experience, with the user experience in mind.

Check regularly the website for updates on the developments.

Communication and Dissemination

In compliance also with EU-funded project regulations, Asteasers’ website launch also marks the start of the communication and dissemination activities, serving as main medium through which showcasing the project’s advancements and achievements. The website will also act as an archive for scientific publication that scientific partners will produce during the course of the funding, making key results available to the community.