Asteasier samples are ready for fish trials in Biomar!

Today, the Asteasier project consortium partners A4F and SOLE-LAB (University of Verona) are excited to announce a significant milestone reached: samples are ready to be sent for fish trials at Biomar, a renowned leader company in aquaculture and partner in the Asteasier project.

Over the past months, selected microalgae strains producing ketocarotenoids were grown in large-scale photobioreactors in University of Verona and in A4F Lisbon facilities. These strains have consistently demonstrated exceptional productivity levels in astaxanthin accumulation.


Asteasier Biomar test


The next phase of the project involves field-testing our innovative products within the aquaculture. We’ll be dispatching the biomass produced to Biomar facilities for testing and incorporation into specialized feed formulations tailored for the aquaculture industry.

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Asteasier microalgae strains